westmount! wednesday Zumba (11:30 AM) & friday flow (friday 12:05 PM) are now part of the regular Winter schedule! woo hoo!

we are SUPER thrilled to announce that the wednesday, 11:30 AM zumba with Melanie B and the friday 12:05 PM yoga flow with Laurna will continue for the rest of the winter schedule! we look forward to seeing you there!

we love our members! member appreciation week-- february 13 to february 17

we very much value and appreciate our members and the commitment they've made to myfitness waterloo and their wellbeing. so to show our appreciation we have some fun activities planned for february 13 to february 17! stay tuned for more information.

beat the winter blahs by joining our indoor group fitness program!

Our Winter 2017 group fitness schedule started Monday, January 09 with lots of awesome new formats in addition to your familiar favorites. click here to be directed to the king street schedule.

welcome to myFitness Waterloo, Sun Life Waterloo's onsite fitness program.

myFitness Waterloo offers a wide range of fitness and wellness services to support the overall well-being of Sun Life employees and works hard to keep members engaged and inspired to reach their health and wellness goals. The myFitness Waterloo team works in collaboration with the Sun Life myWellness team and the Sun Life employee based Wellness Ambassador Network to also deliver innovative wellness programs and events to promote employee engagement in wellness programs and initiatives.